Keeping Chickens

How much space do chickens need to exercise?

Regulations state that each chicken should have 10 square metres to roam around in order to get the exercise they need. So in many cases your garden or back yard would be the perfect place to let them roam, providing it is safe from predators. Hens are renowned for not straying too far from the home and will try to keep their coop in view at all times so there is little risk of losing them.

Can chickens ruin my garden?

This is a possibility yes. Chickens are very curious creatures and love to scratch around on the ground. This means that your vegetables or freshly planted flowers or plants may well be at risk of being dug up! The best solution to this problem is to corner of any vegetable patches and borders.

I have cats and dogs – can I still have chickens?

Most cats will actually be scared of a chicken due its size but the two animals will soon realise that neither poses a threat to one another. Dogs can be a little more of a risk to your chickens because they’re bigger. However you will know your dog well enough to be able to judge its temperament and how it would react to chickens.

The important thing is that your dog is not aggressive towards the chickens, they must learn that the chickens are part of the family too.

Do I need a rooster to produce eggs?

You only need a rooster if you plan to breed your chickens. They will lay eggs regardless of the presence of a rooster; it just means the eggs will be infertile.

How many eggs will a chicken lay?

On average a chicken should produce between 250 and 280 eggs a year however there are certain factors that can affect this number including the chicken’s age and health as well as the breed.

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